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Thread: Book PC and Touchscreen For Sale!

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    Book PC and Touchscreen For Sale!

    I've got two pieces of equipment that I need to sell asap.

    BookPC - $250
    Celeron 500
    128 MB RAM
    30 GB Hard Drive
    DVD Player
    NOTES - The Book PC is an older model, released about two years ago. I've got most of the documentation and disks that came with it. It has two minor issues 1) The battery on the motherboard should be replaced, this is not a huge deal and 2) the heatsink for the CPU stands a bit too high and won't allow the 3.5 floppy to sit inside the case. To work around this problem, I have the 3.5 Floppy uninstalled when the system is running. If I had more motivation, I'd buy a new battery and a smaller heatsink

    10" Touchscreen - $250
    Some of you may remember the grand sale on Ebay for the used 10" Touchscreens. Well, this is one of them. It accepts VGA input from any PC while maintaining the LCD size (it is reasonably thin, and has very good resolution). The LCD displays the desktop and DVD movies in excellent quality. I've removed the original bronze faceplate, and fashioned a wooden one. It is very nice looking and operates exceedingly well.

    If you are interested in any of this, please email me

    [email protected]


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    can I see a picture of the screen? whats the power input on the lcd?

    roy at

    ops, i guess this is really old thread... i didnt notice it cause i cliced on one of those "related threads"... sorry

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    what's the color depth of the screen?


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