Hey guys.. I have two orasis boards left.. I'm selling one without any connectors for $30 shipped.. Here's some info:

p266 mmx
2 pcmcia slots
31 pin hirose for LCD (Same pinout as ruble controller)
vga port, PS2 port, serial port, and parallel port
(the ps2 porrt has 2 normally unused pins, BUT on this board they are for a USB port.. so you'd have to hook it up)
takes SO DIMM edo ram

ALSO, it should hook directly up to car (no PSU needed) since the battery connector can take 9-14v

all you need to get it working is a 44pin->40 pin converter (many on ebay for converting laptop harddrive to desktop), a 12v powersupply (simple wallwart will work, needs ~1A i think), and the ram, which u can get for 10 bucks.. ill give u the link, just email me..

for more info, check out http://www.antisocial.ca/orasis.html

The other one I will sell for a bit more once I Get all the connectors..