ok - this is not exactly for the car, but it involves MP3's so I thought I would post it.

Ever hear of Stanton Final Scratch? It's a tool for DJ's that allows you to mix mp3's via turntables. Very cool, but it runs on Linux (which is not a bad thing, but difficult for most people and causes compatibility issues galore!). I've been able to get my hands on a very similar product called D-Vinyl. Biggest difference is that it runs on the Windows OS. It also comes with a hardware controller, in addition to a software based controller. Final Scratch only comes with a software controller. Long story short, I've got some posted on Ebay if anyone would like to check them out. These are brand new, and come with a warranty.

Ebay Auction

I'll even take $50 off if you are a MP3Car member.

ALSO - I have a Dell Laptop for sale. It's a P3 450, with 128 Ram and 6 GB Hard Drive. It's on the heavy side, but still a cool little toy. If you are interested, email me

[email protected]

Take care and thanks for looking!