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Thread: WTB - Socket 7 Mini Motherboard

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    WTB - Socket 7 Mini Motherboard

    Anyone who has one of these lying around, I'm open to purchasing. I'm not talking about Micro-AT or a laptop mainboard. I'm talking about small-footprint motherboards I've seen that would almost fit into the same space as a 5 1/4" drive.

    Must-have features:
    - Onboard sound (of course)
    - Serial port
    - Keyboard port
    - LAN

    Optional (but would be nice):- Video- PCI slot

    I'd also be interested in a decent sized laptop hard drive, but those aren't as hard to find

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    You're looking for what would be refered to as a pc103, industrial, or single board computers (sbc). They used to be abundant on ebay for old (socket 7) makes. you might try there if you dont get any hits here.

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