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Thread: Fans, PDA, SBC Computer system and more

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    Fans, PDA, SBC Computer system and more

    Hi guys,
    Got a few things for sale as im not doing any projects until the summer

    2x Papst 4650N 120mm fans. These are brand new, one is still sealed the other i opened to look at! Mains powered 120mm fans made of metal. These are serious fans! Looking up the part no. i have found they are 95CFM @ 45dba 20 each

    A Single Board Computer base unit - these are small pc's commonly used in industrial environments. This is a MSC-251 board - check this pdf for more info:
    It is the board, on an ISA backplane with 3 isa slots free. Basically it works as a normal pc, and you can add upto 3 other isa devices, or SBC boards. It has onboard VGA and PS2 mouse/keyboard and serial and parrallel. It also has an onboard lcd controller for interfacing with LAPTOP tfts, a PC104 slot for cool bits like PCMCIA readers, and it has a Disk on Chip socket, for upto 144mb of solid state storage
    Has normal IDE interfaces and includes Cyrix PR166 (133mhz) CPU and 32mb ram, and it posts just fine.
    I have two of these and am keeping one for myself as they are so cool - mine has p200, 32mb, 3com NIC and ISA sound, and works a treat - streams MP3's off hd or network easily. These are ideal for mp3 players, and mebbe in car- they only need 12v and 5 i think. It is in a case which costs 160 alone!! 70 ONO

    A thermoengine socket A cooler, with ICehole fan adaptor and light show with fan speed control. Worked great on my 1.4ghz athlon - quiet and looked cool! 25

    Hp 620lx PDA, this worked fine until i tried to charge it one day and now it doesnt seem to power on Its a win ce PDA with color touchscreen, and was wicked when it worked!! Sold as is, just the pda for 30 - see what it looked like working.

    I am open to offers/ swops, let me know what you have - mebbe after xbox bits/ small composite tft/ many other things!
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    Nochex would be best/easiest form of payment but i will accept others.

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    I might be interested in the SBC - will you ship to US? What is the $ price?

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