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Thread: maybe for sale (groupbuy) : SIMPAD SL4

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    maybe for sale (groupbuy) : SIMPAD SL4

    I'm working on getting a deal on these, but i dont wanna work to hard on it if noone is interested.

    Seems like something like 550$ is what im looking at right now, but i think it might be around 450$ if enough is interested.


    The SIMPAD SL4 is a tablet PC running Microsoft Windows CE for Handheld PC's, this differs from Pocket PC in that it comes with a pocket version of Powerpoint and Access as well as Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook

    The SIMPAD SL4 is a highly sophisticated information and communication device and yet it's no bigger than an A4 pad. Thanks to its 8.4-inch TFT color display with SVGA resolution, you get the full Internet experience with PC browser technology. Weighing less than 1 kg, the SIMPAD SL4 offers much more than a palmtop or notebook - it's a powerful mobile information and communication device with image-based user guidance.

    Data can be entered by touching the keys on the virtual keyboard with a pointer. Alternatively, the user can write on the screen and a character recogniser converts the script. The LCD touch screen allows for simple, intuitive navigation through the web. The operating system is Windows CE 3 for Handheld PC's, providing the SIMPAD with an open platform for the Internet Explorer CE browser, pocket e-mail client functionality, and other customised applications.

    The SIMPAD has a single PCMCIA card slot for the insertion of devices such as wireless LAN or GSM phone cards to make the SIMPAD a true wireless information device.

    The SIMPAD also comes with a SmartCard slot for secure online banking etc.


    Weight < 1000 grams
    Volume 1404 cm³
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 180 x 260 x 30 mm
    Display 8.4" TFT touchscreen, SVGA (800 x 600 pixel)
    Processor Intel StrongARM 1110, 200 MHz 32-bit RISC
    Graphic chip MQ200, 16-bit color
    Single type 2 PCMCIA slot
    Single Smartcard slot

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    I'm not trying to crap on your thread or anything, but old epods can be had for sub-200 dollars nowadays. This seimens tablet seems to have a nicer screen, more processing power, and better software, but $550 is a little steep. If you can get $450, I am definitely interested though. Afterall, epoders are still stuck with CE 2 and IE 4.

    - JustAGuy


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