I've been keeping an eye of this section for awhile and i've noticed a few things.

  • Titles lacking in Description
  • Please Title your post Beginning with FS (For Sale), FT(For Trade), WTB (Want to Buy) or EBAY
  • Since this is an international forum be sure to include the country in the title. It wouldn't hurt to add the city (and state) as well since this might lead to local-pickups to avoid shipping. For example: [US/California/Los Angeles]
  • This Forum is NOT ebay... Name a price on the item you want to sell, However you are welcome to post a link to an ebay auction.
  • Commercial sellers must contact [email protected] before they begin making "for sale" posts. No free advertising for businesses.
  • DO NOT cross post your sales (or any other thread). Posting it in one place is sufficient. If you cross post, your posts will be locked and/or deleted at the admin's discretion
  • No Thread Crapping
  • If you get trolled, Please DO NOT make a post about it. Please Private Message an Administrator
  • Sell Warez - Get Banned
  • DO NOT "BUMP" YOUR THREAD. added by fiberoptic 6-11-05
    This means:

    -You can make another post to lower the price. 1% drops don't count!
    -You can make another post to give additional information.

    -No, you can not post after X number of days. If no one has made an offer than you need to lower your price. No exceptions!

  • For sales of modded game consoles (XBox, PS2, etc.), you must specifically state that you are including original game discs for every game pre-loaded on the console or that you are providing no games with the console.
  • IF you are selling a hard drive with software on it you MUST state that it comes with the LEGIT keys/CDs etc... No listing all the pirated music/movies/software as part of the sell.
  • No PS3's, Wii's or other consoles. Occasional off topic stuff is okay when sold by respectable members, but we aren't trying clutter up the classifieds with everything under the sun. (Ziplocks words)

Example layout here .