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Thread: Espresso PC for sale....

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    Exclamation Espresso PC for sale....

    Well, I've decided to part with my EPC... it just sits on the shelf and doesn't get used much. Specs are as follows:

    Size- 150mm x 106mm x 32mm

    -Celeron ~400mhz (not sure of the exact speed.... somewhere
    between 400 and 500mhz)
    -128mb RAM
    -CD/ROM & 3.5" floppy drive docking station included
    -10GB hdd
    -VGA port
    -S-video out
    -ps/2 mouse & keyboard ports
    -audio line out & in
    -2 usb ports on main unit, 2 more on cd/rom docking unit
    -serial & parallel ports located on cd/rom docking unit

    All in all, it's been a very functional pc when I did use it- ran well and without problems. It has a touchpad built onto the main unit, in case you'd rather use that instead of a mouse.

    Power supply is NOT included....I powered it using the one from my 12v DVD player. DC input is rated at 15v/3amps maximum.

    I'm asking $250 shipped. I'll post a few pics in a bit. Figured I'd post here before opening an eBay auction. More information can be found at
    Feel free to pm me with any questions. Paypal happily accepted.


    PS- Forgot to mention that a Peracom USB to Network adapter is included with the unit... gotta have that connectivity!
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    How about 200? The processor is kinda slow...


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