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Thread: have 2 celeron hp e-pc for sale!

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    have 2 celeron hp e-pc for sale!

    I have 2 e-pc hp computers for sale
    smaller than a laptop
    9" x 3.5" x 8" aprox !
    they are almost new in great shape

    built in cd rom/video/audio/network/2ea. usb/serial/printer port/ etc.
    all in a compact case, it comes with laptop style power supply that plugs to the wall but you can use a dc laptop adapter so you won't need an inverter!

    celeron 700 processor
    128 mb ram upgreadable to 256
    great for multimedia
    pre-loaded with xp pro
    plastic case
    soft one touch shutdown
    20 sec boot up
    20 gig hd

    only 2 available
    paypal only
    350.00 each obo + shipping

    e-mail me to [email protected]


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    have pics?
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    Seems a little steep. A friend picked up a Dell with a P3 800MHz and 256MB RAM and a 20GB HDD for $150.. It's quite small and very upgradeable.
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