Dunno if this is against the rules or not. If so let this thread die in the helish inferno of the internet. But anyway, a friend of mine has a pc for sale. Wich I think would be exellent for a CarPC. But thats just me. I think a lot of crazy things. Check out the specs. Pics come ltr. If you are interested send him an email. I doubt he will see this thread. I am posting it here cause like I siad I think it would be excellent for incar use.

[email protected]

P3 866MHz CPU

2 X 512 PC133 Ram 1 Crucial Technology and 1 unknown generic
- Crucial
- Generic

Two pci slots and onboard sound

GeForce 2 MX 64MB video card (no bracket)

Seagate 10-GB 5400-RPM Hard Disk Drive

MSI Motherboard - built in vid/audio/56k modem, 4 out of 5 USB ports! (Flex ATX)(1 inoperable USB port)

PS2 to USB adapter (This thing rox. You can plug 2 PS2 devices into it and use them on 1 usb port)

The below items have been modded at some point:

LG 20X/48X IDE CD-ROM Drive (now has a grey faceplate instead of the original biege one and a piece of reflective tape on the tray cover)

Mitsumi 3.5-inch Floppy Disk Drive (faceplate painted black)

90 Watt PSU (not modded but only fits a Flex ATX case)

St. Charles Flex Case Revision 1 (Don't ask or if you want to go ahead but it's a long story. It's a desktop style case but comes with a stand to make it look like a tower. Glossy black, aircraft paint for color (I used paint from my job))

Asking $325 I can install a back-up copy of WIN2K for operational check purposes only or I can install the original WinME with all the bells and whistle the restoration disk came with.

This system runs great and I have had no problems with it, except the broken USB port, but that was my fault. It is a Gateway ESSENTIAL 866 or was in another life time.

I no longer have a use for 2 PCs and this one takes up space and power (when I do use it)

EDIT: this is the description he wrote on notepad. That is not ME. I did not write that description just in case you are wondering about the first person styel used.