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Thread: For Sale: Intel D810EMO motherboard + Pentium 3 1GHz

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    For Sale: Intel D810EMO motherboard + Pentium 3 1GHz

    the reason i want to sell this is because of hardware issues. when using a Ricoh based PCI ->PCMCIA chipset, there are hardware incompatibilties. Various websites recommend getting a BIOS update, but to my dismay, Intel offers NO BIOS updates AT ALL for this motherboard. Therefore I would like to sell this board and pick up a VIA EPIA or something more up to date.

    this is a FlexATX board that runs fine (other than mentioned hardware issue). One of the clips for the DIMM holder is broken, but the RAM stays seated fine.
    this board has been in my car for about a month now with no issues.
    compatible with Win2k, WinXP and Linux (although I could not get onboard sound in Linux to work)

    the Pentium 3 chip is already installed and runs fine. comes with heatsink fan.
    this board would be perfect for a small server, media box , or carputer.
    (my carputer setup was this board, p3 1ghz, 128mb ram, win2k, 10gig WD hard drive, scantool OBDII reader, belkin USB -> 2 serial, 1 parallel, 4 USB converter, 125w psu, xenarc 7" touchscreen. worked great until i wanted to add Dell Truemobile 1150 PCMICA card thru the Ricoh based PCI adapter)

    i know it might look bad that a newbie with one post is trying to sell something, so my ebay name is dexter_smokinmhz if you want to check that out, and im also registered at under Dexter there too.

    $70 shipped OBO

    [email protected]


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    i am interested...
    what is you paypal account?
    how about $60?
    let me know...


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