I have 4 of these I will sell for $250 each.
Ideal for factory automation or any industrial environment where a display is exposed to the rigors of daily use or installed in an auto for use with Mobile PC. The applications are endless.

Sharp LQ10D031 LCD
Display Size: 8.31" H x 6.24" V
640 x 480 resolution
0.33 (H) x 0.33 (V) pixel pitch
4096 colors
Built in LCD Controller Card
Built in RS-232 Touch Screen and Controller
Standard Analog VGA input
Outline Dimensions: 9.9W x 7.7H x 1.5D
12 Volt DC Power Supply
Includes: Fully articulating ball mount Panavise attachment

New units can be viewed at
model MTR-EVUE-10T 10.4 Touch Monitor