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Thread: GROUP BUY: Lilliput TM-701VGT LCD

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    odyssey what OSD keyboard you using?

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    Krystar how are you going to determine who gets the remainder of the units? Are you going to go in order starting with who responded first after the first 20 were determined or are you going to do it another way? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystar
    odyssey what OSD keyboard you using?
    Windows XP has a built-in onscreen keyboard.

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    373 of that name, i haven't actually decided on the method. I'm thinking i'm just gonna post like "START" and then the next X ppl to post "I WANT IT" will get it. i don't like working off the previous posts cause maybe some of those ppl don't check the thread that often. if it goes to them, it'll be another waiting game. i'll decide by monday how to handle it hehe. i'll prob post one "warning" thread in the morning and then do the start or however i do it on monday evening when i get home.

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    OOh, I got mine, it looks so pretty...

    Krystar, I think you should hold an auction and milk these for all there worth!!!! (Now everyone who didn't get one is angry with me...)

    I'm just kidding, you're great for getting these to us for such a nice price.

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    I got my screen yesterday.

    What a beautiful Xmas present for myself.

    As a glance, the box outside was for the model 318GL-70TV, and the inside said 319Gl-70NP. There was a sticker outside saying 619GL-70NP/C.

    Anyway, in the box, I got:

    1 Screen with built-in touch screen.
    1 remote w/ battery.
    1 screen stand.
    1 AC-DC power supply for home use.
    1 DC-Dc cigarrett power supply.
    1 manual (though I don't think i get the right manual)
    1 mini CD driver
    1 VGA/USB touch screen cable
    1 USB with RCA video/audio input.

    and here is the pic:

    Once again, thank Krystar for the great deal. Merry Christmas, bro.

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    oh that looks purty

    Or we coudl do it like Survivor and say why were worthy lol.
    I am a broke alumni that cant afford the 350 pop at places elsewhere, and really really want one of these. Want to show my parents so they can pick up the tab .. was hoping for it to be under tree when i came home on xmas lol.

    oh well maybe after new year if there is still some left.

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    yup i got mine today too...something wierd happened though...i'm not sure how it happened but i glanced away from the screen then looked back and there was a white image on it resembling the jurassic park symbol and between it it says burn in, it was all blurred with like a low color glassian blur type thing. wierd, then i change sources to the puter and it went away. the screen quality is excellent, i can read everything at 1024x768 suprisingly.
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    Are you doing any more trips in the future?


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    krystar: i can paypal money asap, just tell me where and how much.
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