To anyone who's interested,

I've got this cool little computer by SBS for sale. I was originally going to use it in my van for a navigation / dvd / mp3 system, but I was recently laid off, so I don't really have the money to finish the system. It uses PC/104+ slots for expansion cards, and has a video capture card, and a PCMCIA reader plugged into it now. It's very small, completely silent, and as far as I Know it is upgradable.

It's DC powered, and can operate between 12 and 30V, it should run without a problem when wired into the car, but I have not tried this yet, I have an AC adapter for it that I've used so I can have it hooked up in my house.

Below are the specs

CPU: Celeron 300MHz, possibly upgradable, have not tried though, this same system according to SBS can use up to a 700MHz Pentium III

Memory - PC-100 DIMM, currently 128MB, but upgradable to 256MB

Hard Drive - 10GB Laptop hard drive, system also has a 40pin IDE slot on
the side so IDE devices can be attached

Ports: VGA, RJ-45, 2 USB, 4 Serial, 2 Parallel, 1 PS/2, 2 BNC for MPEG video capture card, 2 PCMCIA, 2 CAN ports (I'm not entirely sure what these are used for, it's my understanding it's for some sort of industrial uses, but it looks like 9pin serial port to me).

I was able to load Windows XP onto the system and use it without a problem, at one point I had a DVD-ROM drive hooked up to the IDE port, and was able to watch DVD's on it. There is no sound card but it's my understanding you can get PC/104 or PC/104+ sound cards, I was just going to use a USB card, like the Creative Extigy, but hadn't gotten around to buying it.

Check out for more information. Or email me, [email protected] if you want some pics of the acutal unit. I contacted SBS to get more literature on this, and they sounded shocked that I picked it up for as little as I did, $250, and I'm not trying to make a profit off of it, I'd just like to get that money back, so if you're interested at that price let me know, or make an offer.