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Thread: Added more detail on ebay ad, please check again

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    Nov 2003

    Full Car Computer!! many extras..price just lowered!!

    Check the ebay ad again. Also if you want to offer me a price, please do so. Need to get rid of this computer, new baby.

    Price was lowered

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    Just changed the price lower...make it a better deal for everyone

    changed price lower at 10:13 eastern time on 11/23/03

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    I would be interested in the display ..... let me know details like nits etc. also if you have a touch screen
    ALIBABA - I30 99
    Nemiah M10000, C134
    DVD, 40Gig, 256MB DDR
    GPS, OBD 2, Reverse Cam
    Mute on stereo w I300 car kit
    Liliput 7in w usb touch screen
    Direct connect with BOSE-CD changer

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