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Thread: 10.4" LCD monitor w/ TV tuner $260 Shipped NEW

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    Talking 10.4" LCD monitor w/ TV tuner $260 Shipped NEW

    Hi guys , I'm new on this board, I didn't about this webpage until now, I have 4 LCD kits for sale 10.4" LCD Monitor with TV TUNER, and RCA video inputs and remote control BRAND NEW IN BOX.

    The kit is ready to be installed with a custom case or box depends on your type of installation. The monitor is a NEC high quality panel, used on laptops but with a special Video Card with RCA inputs and a TV tuner. This LCD will not work for a PC unless you buy a correct pc card( I have no more info about that sorry)

    THE PICTURES BELOW ARE FROM MY OWN 10.4" LCD monitor wich I'm going to install on my neon very soon

    I will sell this complete kits ready to use for $260 shipped via Priority Mail and confirmation #. I'm from Puerto Rico and I have sold tons of things over the internet I have a verified Paypal account . You can pay via Paypal or Money Order.

    Video file of the Monitor been tested on my car

    Here is a comparison between my AQUOS 20" and the 10.4" Monitor

    and here is a picture of the resolution of this LCD wich is FANTASTIC and the viewing angle is very wide.

    Any questions please e-mail me [email protected] I will reply you back as soon as possible. I WILL LOWER THE QUANTITY OF UNITS each time I sell one.

    Carlos C

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    I still have 2 LCD TV left $260 shipped

    Carlos C

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