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Thread: WTB Complete carPuter

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    WTB Complete carPuter

    Touch screen 7 Inch ~
    Power Supply if needed
    cd or dvd rom
    all wireing
    30G or larger hard drive
    The Smaller the compuer the better I have a compact SUV

    I HAVE CASH NOW pm me or post here

    GPS would be nice but not needed

    4:00pm PST

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    I may sell mine soon to get a new P4 desktop.... this is what I have:

    TM-701L Touchscreen (
    EPIA 800mhz w/ 512MB PC133
    46GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    DVD Rom
    Wireless RF Keyboard and Mouse
    All wires

    Shoot me an offer if your interested, but remember I am just thinking of selling it because of an eBay auction for a P4 I want.

    [email protected]
    92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

    93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

    90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)

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