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Thread: Ipaq WarDriving Rig

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    Ipaq WarDriving Rig

    Ipaq 3765 War Driving Rig for sale...

    I have an Ipaq 3765 Hand Held Computer with lotsa of accesories...

    +)CF Expansion Sleeve
    +)16 Meg Memory Upgrade (80Megs on Board total + CF Memory)
    +)Wavelan CF 802.11b Card
    +)Lots of Software
    +)Mp3 Kit (Radio Transmitter for Car Mp3 Use)
    +)Car Charger
    +)Extra Cradle
    +)Neoprene Rubber Carrying Case
    +)Many Extra Stylii
    +)All Original Compaq/HP Doc's and CD's

    I'm looking for $225.00 or best offer....

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    I might be interested.. could you post a pic or two? how does the battery hold a charge?
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    It holds a charge quite well, a few hours of use with Wifi....

    plus it has the car charger too.

    I'll see if I can get a pic or two posted.....

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