I built this system in 2 days and decided to try something different after looking at some of the systems on sounddomain.com. If anyone is interested in this Complete system please let me know.

For Sale....
800mhz Duron
K7VAT mob
384mb PC133 SDRAM
10gb 5600rpm Western Digital HDD
128mb ATI Radeon w/ S-Video out.
3COM Ethernet card
250W Power Supply

VECTOR 400 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter w/ case.. Brand new never used.

Pyle view 5.6" Mobile Video TFT LCD Monitor ... Brand new Never used ($139)
(Includes S-Video to RCA Adapter to run from S-Video out to LCD RCA Input.)

It has Windows 2000 PRO installed currently. I will not legally be selling the operating system with this unit . Also the Lexan cover is not yet afixed to the top of the computer. I have hinges that I will include. I just wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to create the lid.

I am asking $390.00 for the whole setup.
That is how much I have into all the gear.
Guarenteed not to be D.O.A. or your money back!

Paypal payments only please - [email protected]

I need to finish my truck's system then get back into the carputer portion of the install.