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Thread: Closed - Lilliput Group Buy with Touch Screen

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    good question.... NightHunter?

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    so basically all lilliput screens are refurbished??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 850 Stylzz
    so basically all lilliput screens are refurbished??
    I think he'd maybe like you to read the whole thread, then ask. I seem to remember it saying that they are guaranteed by Lilliput USA and you would return them there if you had a problem.

    Also, from another thread, I believe many TFT screens are reused from other components, seems this is a fairly common practice... apparently. Again this is my recollection from reading the forums, try a search for more info.


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    NightHunter---When I Try To Checkout It says:

    "This recipient is currently unable to receive money."

    Something up with your Paypal account?

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    NightHunter---I to got this message when I tried to check out with PayPal:

    "This recipient is currently unable to receive money."

    Please let us know as I would like to get a couple of these monitors.


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    Anybody in the Asian/Australia region interested in a similar group buy but can save some shipping (USD$30 adds up quickly)? PM me.

    (hope you dont mind, NightHunter, if you do, I'll remove this)

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    im interested in this deal, but prefer paypal. Let me know how i can pay the 255 and im good to go. THX

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    he updated the page where the sale is..everyone should read it before trying to use paypal.

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    Dear Lilliput Group Buyers and Member Special Buyers,

    If you havent allready heard Paypal is giving me a little trouble with accepting your payments. They have froze my account due to such a high volume of payments I recieved since the biggining of this special sale(March 4th 2004).
    They required that I fax them copies of my bank statements, credit card statements, drivers liscense and invoices from Lilliput. I have done all this the last thing they requested was tracking numbers or delivery confirmation of at least ten of the computer screens before they will lift the limitations on my account.
    This obviously poses a huge problem. Since the sale began I sold 46 screens. I have recieved a total of $10,855. There is no way I would be able to purchase these screens with out the money that is in my paypal account. So I called them once again today (for the third time today) and they told me that there is no way to talk to the appeals department directly but he will add this information to my case.
    The paypal rep. also said that maybe if they can get confirmation that everyone that bought these screens knew that this was a "Pre-Sale" type buy, They may lift the restrictions. By pre-sale, I mean you sent me the money for the computer monitors knowing that I did not have them and that I would place the order with the money I recieved.
    So I ask you all a huge favor so maybe we can get this ball rolling. Please email paypal at [email protected] and protest there decision. Please let them know that you did agree with me that this is a presale and you know all the terms I had explained earlier in this email. I would hope this should be sufficient. If this doesnt work I may have to try and refund your money. I would have probably done it allready but the limitations dont even allow this right now. So to get this buy going please email them again at [email protected]. The phone number for paypal is 1-402-935-2050. They do not have an 800 number I could find but I am sure phone calls will help too.

    Thank you for your help in this matter,

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