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    FS: New, complete system w/ Xenarc and M10000

    Well, I have decided against installing my new carputer project into my Jeep Wrangler. It is getting much warmer here in Denver, and as I think of removing the top (the Jeep's, of course) I have realized it's not worth risking theft. I would like to sell the complete system to one person, but I may be willing to part it out as time goes on. I will be posting the system on Ebay as well, but want to give fellow forum goers the first shot! Here's what I've got:

    Casetronic C134 (black)
    VIA EPIA M10000
    512MB 0.8" memory (installed on board)
    30GB Fujitsu notebook HDD (installed in case)
    CD-RW/DVD combo drive (black - installed in case)
    Xenarc 700TS (new model w/enhanced brightness, etc.)
    Zippy 610 backlit keyboard
    Netgear USB 802.11b wireless adapter
    ITPS power sequencer

    All items are still in their boxes - brand new and never used (only test the Xenarc). The only items that are not in packages are the HDD, RAM, and CD drive. They were OEM items, without manufacturer's packaging. All items were ordered over the past 3-4 weeks from various vendors - costing about $1250. Some items may even have transferable warranties (like Xenarc, with an 18 month manufacturer's warranty).

    I would like to get $995 for the whole system - I will pay for shipping. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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    are you willing to sell without screen

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    Item is no longer available. Thanks for the interest.

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