Hello Friends,

Just completed the design for a new shutdown controller.

SDC-2.0 Features:~

a) 15 mins initial wait time (Adjustable)

b) Sends ATX pluse to PC Mobo to power down PC safely.

c) Does not automaticly start pc when power applied. (Can be set to power up if bios supports or can be done manually with a press of a button)

d) 3 mins wait (Adjustable) before cutting power to inverter or DC-DC PSU even if the pc is hung.

e) Monitors Input voltage.

f) Activates shutdown sequence (initial wait time) if input voltage drops below 11.0 vdc.

g) RED led is lit when low voltage shutdown sequence is active.

h) If input is taken back to 12vdc then the RED led goes off and nothing happens.

i) Reverse polarity protection.

j) Capable of handling 30amps.

k) Specifically designed to work in 12vdc automotive systems.

l) Measure 60mm x 75mm

Picture comming soon.

Product Status:- Tried and tested prototype.

Going in production for first Batch of 20.

If you are interested book yours today.

Price USD$40 (Standard shipping and paypal charges included)

Payment mode: www.paypal.com ([email protected])