Hi All

I am on the hunt to buy the bits for my carputer, I am looking for a 7" vga touchscreen, power supply (ITPS and PW70a combo or even an Opus 150w) and maybe a GPS mouse.

The problem I am finding is all the online "shops" dont ship to South Africa or they want silly prices for shipping (92USD to ship the ITPS and PW 70A which only costs 90USD)

I dont mind paying for shipping but a reasonable fee is a reasonable fee, I also dont mind paying a slight premium if one shop has it all as I will save on shipping costs, so please feel free to pm or place your shopping links so I can have a go and find a online shop that does it all, being from South Africa also denies me the use of paypal, some stores like Griffin technology ship instantly at reasonable rates but they dont have all the kit ! ! ! ! !