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Thread: Alpine 78

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    Alpine 78

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    Talking Alpine 7832

    sorry for that last post, accidentally hit the enter key........Anyways, I am in need of a faceplate for an Apline 7832. If anyone can give suggestions, or has one, or knows someone who has one for sale, I would greatly appreciate it.............thanks for everyone's time......

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    Don't think you can buy just the face plates. Why do you need one? Got detached from the car you stole it from?
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    or bought it stolen
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    Cool Alpine 78

    You can buy them new (refurbed) from Alpine for 100.00. If you two f#$#sticks knew anything about Alpine, you'd know that, and the fact that my problems with the 7832 are notorious and a f/p replacement solves them. And no, sorry, I'm not a thief nor do I buy stolen property. My 7832, (which i've had for many years) has a broken button on the f/p, and half of the LED's are burned out. I apologize for thinking I coulld get some info on this forum.

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    Usually alpine will not sell it to you unless you have a sale slip or the none working faceplace. Your best place is ebay or garage sale, or swap meet. Local audio in general don't have them unless someone just replace their HU.

    And yes, some Alpine model are known to have the faceplace going south before the unit. LCD is burn.
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