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Thread: For trade: brand new 15" TFT LCD monitor...looking for used laptop

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    For trade: brand new 15" TFT LCD monitor...looking for used laptop

    I am looking for a used laptop to trade for a new 15" Samsung 152N TFT LCD monitor. This will have only been used to test that it works and is brand new with full warranty. I have no cash and really would like to get a used laptop or the 12" touchscreen kiosk PC taht has been mentioned a few times in the forum. Here are the specs I am looking for in a laptop:

    PIII era (around 700mhz or more..will entertain other offers though)
    expandable to 512MB of memory or more
    decent unscratched screen
    power supply and working battery
    PCMCIA slot that is in working order (for 802.11g card)


    you can email me at debennett2 @

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    While I wouldn't question the price on this screen (online searches confirm it) there are also a lot of nice flat panel screens to be had much cheaper, as such I don't think this is that appealing on its own. I have a second kiosk PC and was tempted initially but it doesn't see that attractive as a trade (for me).

    Maybe with more stuff...!

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    yeah, if you throw in like, a small baby, preferably white or asian, i might give it thought.

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