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Thread: FS: EPIA M10000/Black Travla C134/20GB HD/DVD-ROM/256MB DDR

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    FS: EPIA M10000/Black Travla C134/20GB HD/DVD-ROM/256MB DDR

    I was so ready to put together this carputer but I need the cash right now. Need to replace two tires with bubbles so I am putting it all up for sale. Still can't believe it'llt ake $300 to replace both. I had paid about $550 in all with shipping and I am asking $450 shipped to the lower 48 states. If outside of the US, PM and we'll work something out. If there is anyone near the New York City area and want to do a local pickup or even drop off let me know. I'll let it go for $425 for local pickup/dropoff.

    I accept paypal @ [email protected] or money order or cash (local pickup/drop off only). I rather sell the entire system but will part out if no one takes it within a week or two or if the price is right.

    If you have any questions just post them, I check the forum often.

    $450 shipped to the lower 48 states
    $425 local pickup/dropoff near the New York City area
    $425 + shipping outside of the US

    Items - All items are brand new (2wks old), just used once to install OS
    Kingston 256MB 266Mhz DDR PC2100
    Paid $62

    VIA EPIA-M10000 Nehemiah 1000MHz
    Paid $151

    Casetronic C134 Black Color Mini-ITX Case w/ Power Supply
    Paid $155

    Toshiba 20GB 2.5" Notebook HD w/ correct adapter (Windows2000 already installed)
    Paid $90

    Toshiba Slim Notebook DVD/CD-ROM 8X/24X w/ correct adapter
    Paid $50

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    Hello Bxscig,

    I just sent you a PM about the DVD drive and adapter... Let me know what you think....


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    interested in the drive
    ALIBABA - I30 99
    Nemiah M10000, C134
    DVD, 40Gig, 256MB DDR
    GPS, OBD 2, Reverse Cam
    Mute on stereo w I300 car kit
    Liliput 7in w usb touch screen
    Direct connect with BOSE-CD changer

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    PM sent...Interested in the m/b & mem
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    I am going to wait a little longer to see if someone will take the entire thing first. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks.


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