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Thread: wtb routis 2004

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    wtb routis 2004

    hey, i have a gps sittin around and i would like to get routis 2004. i tried microsoft streets and trips 2002, and it just plain sux. the gps seems to have been an afterthought as it doesn't do too much except display lat/long and place a car icon on the map at that location. the system requirements r a bit too steep for me too since i am looking to run a gps program on a pentium 233. streets and trips is sluggish. if anyone's got routis 2004 that they'd be willing to sell...or......obtain routis via other means. PM me if anyone would be able 2 help me out. thanks

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    i'm sure you're already aware of this ... but Deluo has just lowered the price of Routis to $89...
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    ya i saw that on their site...the ones on ebay aren't goin cheap either, one went a few days ago for like 66 bucks. and then there's those insane shipping charges from the seller so they don't hafta pay comission on the shipping. don't matter too much though, i should be concentrating gettin all my mp3 player crap into the external cdrom case. thanks, andy

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