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Thread: Complete in car MP3 systemfor sale!

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    Complete in car MP3 systemfor sale!

    I am unfortunately being required to sell my car and as such have an entire MP3 computer system to sell. Here is the specification:
    • EloTouch 12.1" Touchscreen LCD Screen (->
    • Via Epia M10000 motherboard (with TV-out and 5.1 surround sound)
    • 256MB DDR RAM
    • 80Gb Seagate Barracude ATA IV (chosen as it has very good shock protection and is perfect for use in a mobile environment)
    • IBM laptop DVD drive with IDE converter
    • Standard ATX PSU
    • D-Link USB radio
    • 300W 12V/240V Inverter (gives you mains power from cigaretter lighter or straight from battery)
    • Wireless keyboard
    • Infra-red receiver + mini Infra-red controller (perfect for use in car)

    This system is in component form and ready for installation into a new vehicle. The screen has been stripped down to bare bones and as such has had the external case removed along with excess weight such as the in-built speakers and is perfect for a custom installation.

    If you require pictures or more information please email me at [email protected]

    I am looking for around 500 for the complete system. I am however open to offers and will sell to the highest bidder.

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    dman...that looks like an awesome system but i don't have the money

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    any chance of seperating the parts? i'm sure you'll sell them much easier and probbly get more in total.

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    Seperating parts

    I will consider it in time but would like to sell the whole lot as a complete system if possible. But keep checking the post, you never know!

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    I am interested in the D-Link radio if you part-out...
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    Id be interested in just the M10000 if you part it out

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    I'm interested in the 12"LCD

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