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Thread: Gauging Interest - Subaru Impreza Display Housing

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    Gauging Interest - Subaru Impreza Display Housing

    I just got finished building my display housing for my car computer and it looks sweet. Being the mod lover that i am though now i would like to include a front facing camera and a radar detector in the unit. I just figured i would see if anyone would be interested in this unit before i cut it apart as its just about the same amount of work to build a new one vs mod this one. Im not asking for compensation for my time or minor materials just the screen and the dash pod that i used to make it. The screen was 250 and the housing was 65 so thats 315 shipping would prolly bring it to 335 at least so figure for rough estimates 350 as a min. This is not something I am going to produce over and over again. Just this one. Like i said its no more work for me i just figured someone might be interested in not having to fab their own.

    The link takes you to some write ups about my carPuter project.

    Sorry i don't have pics yet of the housing with the screen installed and Ya my digicam leaves alot to be desired. Just immagine that hole where the screen goes as a screen Ill post pics if i can get them and people are interested

    OOh i almost forgot the screen is a VGA up to 800*600 with two RCA inputs and the housing requires no modification to your car. Just take out the dash pocket that is there and throw this in.

    So... What do yall think?

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    Hi DustinR

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