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Thread: Complete System For Sale

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    FS - Complete Carputer System

    I have a full system for sale!!
    XENARC MP-TX1™ Small Form Factor Mini P3 PC
    The Mini PC is a full-featured PC that fits easily into any compact environment. This Mini PC uses an Intel Celeron processor and has Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional installed on it. It even comes with a DVD/CD drive.
    Intel 1.2GHz Celeron Processor
    128MB SDRAM Memory
    20G Hard Disk Drive
    Built-in Audio & Video
    10/100base-T Ethernet
    V.90/56k modem
    2-USB, IRDA
    CD/DVD Drive
    Dimension (in): 6 x 5.5 x 1.75
    Intel 810e Chipset
    Processor: Celeron (1.2GHz)
    Memory: One 144 pin DIMM slot for
    PC100 / PC133 SDRAM (up to 256MB)
    Video: Intel 8281E, 4MB Video Memory (Shared)
    Support up to 1280x1024 resolution
    Speakers and Audio: Built-in 16-bit stereo (sound
    blaster / Adlib compatible); Built-in Speaker
    Communications: Built-in 10/100base-T Ethernet;
    Internal 56K V.90 modem
    Storage: One 2.5 inch Hard Disk 9.5mm high
    (Support Ultra DMA 33/66)
    XENARC 700TS™ / 700TSV™
    7" TFT LCD Monitor w/ VGA & Touch Screen
    This popular product incorporates the innovation of our VGA 7" models along with a 4-wire resistive Touch-Screen panel. Use the convenient touch-screen as your input device, control your mouse cursor or the mini on screen keyboard that comes with your operating system.
    VGA Input (15 pin D-SUB)
    16x9 Aspect Ratio
    High Resolution Display - up to 1600 x 1200
    Auto detects 800x480 resolution *New*
    Upgraded High-Brightness CCFL *New*
    Adjustable backlight level for night-time use
    Pixelworks High Performance Video and VGA Processor
    High Quality Scaling & Anti-Aliasing *New*
    Auto power-on upon signal detection
    Automatic display adjustment
    On Screen Display Control
    Metallic Silver Casing
    Supports 11V DC ~ 24V DC
    Model #: 700TS / 700TSV
    Screen Size: Diagonal 7" (16:9)
    Physical Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V)
    Supported Resolution: 640 x 480 ~ 1600 x 1200
    Dot Resolution: 2400 x 480 = 1,152,000 (dots)
    Display Brightness (w/ Touchscreen): 280 cd/m²
    Operating Voltage Range: DC 11V ~ 24V, 1A
    Power Supply: DC 12V
    Power Consumption: <8W
    Operating Temperature: 23°F ~ 158°F
    Dimension (in): 7.75W x 4.75H x 1.38D
    Weight (lb): 1.28

    Also comes with:
    • The INDESTRUCTABLE PC Keyboard with features:
      Silicon-based material impervious to water, coffee and most cleaning solutions, flexable, rollup capable.

    • DeLorme Streets and Trips 2003 with Earthmate® GPS Receiver with USB interface.

    • Generic USB Mouse with single Optical sensor

    • 1 (one) Rockford Fosgate FM Modulator for tying the system to factory radios

    • 1 18 Volt regulated power supply for CPU to run off for better stability.

    I am currently accepting offers for this system. It is less than 1 month old please reply or Email me at [email protected], feel free to also ask any questions you may have.

    Thanks again, John Dowes III

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    This Forum is NOT ebay... Name a price on the item you want to sell, However you are welcome to post a link to an ebay auction

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    Xenarc 700ts™ / 700tsv™

    How much, and do you have pics?


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    I was asking $800 for the whole thing you can find pics of the system at , that is who i bought it from. both the monitor and the CPU came from them, the only things that i added after were the keyboard, mouse and GPS software/receiver. Thanks again.

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    id like to see the pics too, (just to make sure you have that setup for sale)
    so if you have any...i might be interested in

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    Does it come with Xenarc 700ts OR the 700tsv (are there composite video inputs?)
    I am a newbie trying to outfit a couple cars with new custom consoles and mini ITX. Click here for my 2003 Chevy Avalanche project.

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    I believe the screen is the 700ts, it has like 3 aux vid inputs, but they are only rca in not composite.

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    You believe???... you dont know what you have??

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    So No One Is Interested In This Deal??? Come On...someone Has To Want It.

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