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Thread: FS: 8.4" LCD with USB touchscreen

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    FS: 8.4" LCD with USB touchscreen

    I traded for this with Euclid last year. I ended up getting a lilliput and it will fit alot better for me. The only problem with this is the backlight inverter kept acting up and now it seems to not work. Could be fixed with some electrical know how and skillful soldering. If not, you can always get a new backlight inverter for about $25 I think. I can try to take pictures if interested.

    Technology LCD-TFT
    Resolution 800 x 600
    Style VGA
    Scan SS
    Interface 16 bit
    BIOS file "18BTFT.DAT"

    Panel Type: TFT
    Panel Resolutions: 1024x768 800x600 640x480
    Panel Signal: TTL
    Computer Input Signal: Analog RGB separate sync with vertical refresh rate up to 75Hz
    Graphics Modes: Non-interlaced VGA. SVGA, XGA
    Video Input Signal: N/A
    Audio Input Signal: N/A
    Colours: Up to 24 bit per colour
    Panel Power: 3.3V & 5V
    Functions Display: On Screen Display (OSD) of functions
    Functions Control: -
    Image Control: Brightness, Contrast, RGB adjustment, Image positions, Auto setup, etc.
    Other Features: System information, OSD timeout setting, OSD positions, Colour temperature, etc.
    Dimensions: 107mm x 92mm (4.2" x 3.6")
    Power Requirements: 12V DC
    Notes: Different firmware available for other TFT panels (VGA, SVGA & XGA)

    Touchscreen Overlay
    Microtouch R1.1
    Capacitive 8.4" Touchscreen Overlay

    Touchscreen Controller
    Microtouch USB Touchscreen Controller

    Price is $200 shipped

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    If it falls through with xtremevette, I'm interested.

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