im doing a little house cleaning and have the following or sale

electric traxxas stampede - stock $100 OBO

R2D2 cooler, i got this from my pepsi supplier when episode 1 came out and you could only get it from pepsi at the time, hard to find $120 OBO

star wars episode 1 collectors watch $50 OBO

Fullsize Denver Broncos helmet, same as worn on the field, this is NOT a replica or ornimental helmet, this is what the players use. it is a size L. $200 OBO

ESPN PLAYMAKERS helmet, this was worn in the tv series, only 7 of these helmets did not get taken apart and destroyed, i have 2 of the 7. 1 was worn by GUARD DOG and comes with his mouth piece still in the guard and 1 that was worn by TRENT KING. $300 for guard dog $225 for trent king

let me know what you want pics of and ill post them as people are interested to save space