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Thread: need controller for Sharp LM121SS1T53

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    need controller for Sharp LM121SS1T53

    if anyone has any information or has one, let me know what kinda controller it uses/ where i can get one


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    Quote Originally Posted by cronx
    need controller for Sharp LM121SS1T53
    that panel is STN, only 80 nits bright with a contrast ratio of 40:1
    not a very good panel to spend money on. can't use it for video, and if you want to set this up in a car, you will have a hard time reading it.

    Of course, I am assuming you are looking to get this running for an in car setup, but you know what happens when you assume..............

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    Well mine is on a whole panel I put a custom case.
    Ill sell the whole thing for $150/obo

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    Are you still selling your setup for $150? What exactly does your setup include again? What is resolution of screen, brightness, and overall condition? Thanks bro.

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