hey i have a sony net MD player only sold in euro countrys has LCD remote eveything u need to put music and everything that comes wiht it also have a sony MDR-V600 dj style headphones and altec lansing 2.1 speaker system

sony net MD:
The MZN707 minidisc recorder features Net MD that allows direct USB connection for copying music and up to 32x normal speed (LP4 mode)
It also features "MDLP", this allows for up to 320 minutes of stereo recording using ATRAC3 compression .
ATRAC Type -R-
Aluminium Main Body with a plastic back panel
Charge stand supplied
USB connection on main unit
High Speed drive mechanism for fast PC>MD copying using USB
Up to 1.8x speed transfers for normal ATRAC, 16x for LP2 and 32x for LP4
9 Character LCD Display on main unit
MDLP recording and playback
Converts MP3 and WMA to ATRAC3 for transfer
Up To 56 hours playback time (LP4 with a Sony Stamina battery)
Sampling Rate Converter
Synchro-Recording Function
Digital Record Level
Minidisc Group Mode Playback
Sony MD carry pouch

altec lansing 2.1:
50 Watts of Total System Power
25 Watts RMS
Compact Subwoofer (BOOM!!!)
Built-In Controls
Headphone Jack
Total Connectivity
Quality Stereo
Distinctive, All-Decor Styling
Color-Coded Cables
Shielded Satellites

i would take trades for all the stuff...a full kit touchscreen dont matter wut size just has to be working

IM on aim for questions