What I have here is a Compaq Aero 2100 with the 24mb upgrade. It is a Color PDA. I also have the 16mb card that came with it. It runs Windows CE version 3.0.9348(Build 9351). It has a built in Microphone and Stylus. It includes:

1. All the original software that came with it. Windows CE with ActiveSync, Compaq Aero 2100 Software, and The Reference Guide on Disk.

2. Single Earphone (never used). To listen to MP3's and your own voice messages.

3. Serial Cradle and power adapter for Sync with your own Computer and to recharge the battery.

4. An Extra Sync cable that hooks up to a serial cable jack.

5. An Extra Battery. For those of us on the go.

6. Screen Protectors. To prevent the screen from getting scratched. There are no scratches at all.

7. A slip pouch. A small case for it.

8. An organizer case. Larger case to carry the Compaq and your photos and check book.

9. The original Box it came in when I got it.

10. An Extra Stylus.

All this for $80.00 shipped in the US.

Here are the pictures:






If you have any questions, Pm me or email [email protected]