For Sale, 1 x Wireless Miniature Security Camera

36.50 + 3.50 carriage by Special Delivery.

This Wireless Miniature Security Camera can transmit live colour video directly to your TV or VCR. It only takes a minute to setup. Simply place the camera at the location you wish to observe and plug the receiver into your TV or VCR. It can also be plugged into a PC with an analogue video capture card.

The built in transmitter has a range of approx 100m, dependant on obstacles, and is powerful enough to ensure picture quality remains excellent through walls, ceilings and floors. The spy camera has a high resolution of 380 lines and can be run off either a 9V battery or a AC adaptor (not supplied)

Its small enough to be hidden almost anywhere so is ideal for use inside remote controlled vehicles, as a nanny camera, a bird box camera or simply for general surveillance operations.

Camera dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 16mm

TV System - PAL / NTSC
Min illumination - 1 LUX

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Brand-new, Boxed.