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Thread: liliput 7.2inch screen

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    liliput 7.2inch screen $120shipped

    I got this about a month ago locally for $175.. I used that for my in-car PC...then I found that there's actually TOUCHSCREEN LCD avaliable in a very afforable I decided to go with a touchscreen instead...its much better than using mouse and keyboard...pain in the ***

    coniditon is very very very good...except the film thingy that protect the monitor when it was brand new is gone...everything is still perfect
    everything needed will be included...mounting bracket...wires...adaptor...remote..manual box and of coz the lcd itself...

    heres more spec of the LCD (NOT MY AUCTION)

    since i am new to this site...I am willing to ship COD to memebrs within the US who has more than 200posts...or any member who is willing to pay $10 in advance (PAYPAL,check or money order) then i will also COD it to you...
    i will guarantee the monitor to work for 14days after arrival...
    I accept paypal, money order and checks...I am a vertifed paypal user...
    I will ship with 3days prority mail. I perfer to sell within the US..and maybe canada

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    asking price?????

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    its as title..$120shipped with 3days shipping

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    any pics?

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    Hmmm, is this a VGA screen or NTSC?
    Check out my hopefully useful site...

    It's still under design but it is functional

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    PIC is there too
    just follow the link i have above u would have ur answer without me replying

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