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Thread: Cheap CAR-PC - complete whole setup

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    Exclamation Cheap CAR-PC - complete whole setup

    ok guys just built this , but thinking of gettin rid of my car now so id need 2 sell this to get a better car i AM from the UK - England dunno if thrs many of u guys round here.

    any way... im paypal verified and accept nochex also

    Pc is custom built , all brand new...not even been install the car yet same goes for the TFT and the remote

    email/msn = [email protected]

    PC spec is as follows

    Mini-Itx motherboard with fanless 600mhz cpu
    2x 128mb sticks of ram
    1x 40gig Maxtor 7200rpm HD
    1x dvdrom drive
    In a mini-itx silver case

    screen is a INDASH 6.5 DT electronics TFT and has multiple inputs

    Remote is a creative Labs PC-dvd remote control and reciever

    looking for around 350 for this package

    LUke( also known as cheeseboy)

    sorry about poo pic



    Here is the post with comp spec

    atm is currently running mediacar but any car software can be installed for ya icon_wink.gif

    heres details on the Motherboard

    case spec is

    Product Code SERENITI
    Model Sereniti Mini-iTX case
    Description Features: 1x5.25" & 1x3.5" external drive bays, 1x3.5" internal drive bay, Very quiet 100W PSU, front mounted USB, 1394 & audio sockets. Front 'stealth flap' covers drive bays. 1xPCI slot & riser.
    Notes This case would not look out of place under your TV, or on your Hi-Fi stack! Designed to accept the EPIA-M motherboard.
    Size (WxHxD) 290x100x310 mm

    any more questions just ask

    price the lowest id take for all of it is £350

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    Does the screen have a VGA input, or just multiple Video Inputs? Thanks.

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    sorry guys
    this is now sold

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