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Thread: FS: 200 watt dc-dc power suuply with ITPS

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    FS: 200 watt dc-dc power suuply with ITPS

    I used this power supply to power a micro-atx motherboard with a 2500+ AMD atholon chip and one 3.5" harddrive. It works great. It a cheap alternative to the opus. It come with a ITPS shutdown controller so it functions the exact sameway as an opus does. Click the link below to read the specs on it from the mp3car store: Im asking $60 shipped.

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    I was wondering, do you have any pictures of your power supply? On the mp3car page, it says that it is "cableless for the mini-atx"

    thanks =]

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    If this isn't sold to phatdood9 yet, I call dibs on it. Let me know! Thanks.
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