I paid $20 per module from ir2pc.
cable cost me around $5
remote came with a stereo I had prolly worth atleast 5-10 though maybe more haven't really investigated.

All are in great working order. I hate to sell this especially the remote cause you cant really pick em up this nice. Both modules work with the common computer but only one is designed to work with the VIA EPIA boards. The one that V.A.3 is the one that works with the epia boards. Im selling all this together for $40.00 and this inludes shipping so all i really get is around $35.00. My paypal address is [email protected] paypal is all I am accepting because I need the money quick for gas and bills. I promise to ship this item out the day the money is received or the following day. If your interested in seeing my ebay feedback its 100% my ID is Exumus. any questions feal free to PM me or email me at [email protected]