Slimp3 network MP3player. I own two of these, selling one. New (smaller) house doesn't justify owning two. I just updated the firmware to the very latest, so you won't have to worry about it. Comes with remote control (new batteries) and power supply. Upon request, I can give you a cat5 cord and the software on a CDR (software is downloadable). The above picture is of my actual unit running moments ago, playing Primus of course VFD's are so bright that they don't photograph well on digital cameras. Read the review for better pics or click Here. These things kick ***.... open source owns. Check out how I modded my other one (NOT FOR SALE):

$140 delivered USA

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Linksys ProConnect 4-Port KVM Switch + 3 10ft Startech all-in-one cables
I don't build PC's for people anymore, so no need for this. Power comes off of the keyboard connector.

$70 delivered USA

Pretty cool little VoiP solution. I just found that I use me cell phone all the time now, so no need. Sipphone is the best free solution out there, but you can add on a pay service if you like. Comes with the manual and power cord. Upon request, I can give you a cat5 cord.

$60 delivered USA


If you are in the Rocklin/Roseville, CA area, local pickup is OK... but you come to me.

Who is this guy?