I have a Dell Latitude CP laptop for sale

Dell Cp Laptop with an Intel Pentium 233 Mhz CPU 32MB RAM onboard sound
1.44 Floppy Drive, 2Gb HD
AC Adapter
Microsoft Windows 98 (installed)
1)VGA 1) Serial 1) Parallel, 1)USB1.0 1)Line Out, 1)Line In, 1) Mic In
2) PCMCIA slots, 1)Keyboard/Mouse PS2 port


King Products Inc. 1024x768 LVDS 10.4"TFT LCD with inverter, cable harness and Microtouch capacitive touchscreen.

Same unit as CivicDuties is selling less the PC part. Ideal as a spare screen


Shipping extra!!!

5.5" Diagonal 4 wire Resistive Microtouch touchscreen overlay. Sorry no controller just overlay ideal for PS1 lcd mod.