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Thread: PS: Complete Server

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    PS: Complete Server

    Just FYI: I am selling this so I can afford my carpc. :-\

    AMD Athlon XP->MP 2000
    512MB PC2100 ECC Crucial RAM
    MSI K7D Master Motherboard
    Solid Copper CPU Heatsinks coupled with TMD CPU Fans (no center mounted motor)
    400W Antec PS (Model SL400)
    Low-End 4U Rackmount Case
    Rackmount Rails

    This system currently runs Slackware Linux 9 without any problems. KDE is freakishly fast loading (aka: 1.8 seconds). The system has not seen any overclocking (just unlocked to save 50% on CPU costs) or any temperatures above 110 degrees F. The TMD fans are loud but bearable and the rackmount case top panel paint is not very good. This system is built to be a fast server and does not include any CD-rom, GPU's or Floppy drives. The motherboard alone was $210 brand new .

    Today's prices would put the system at $646 new(without hard drive). I calculated an approximate total life used on the weakest part of the system to be ~5% life used and would like to get around 80% of today's cost for the computer. The system cost me over $760 brand new. Therefore, I would like to get $520 for the system including shipping anywhere in the US (excl Alaska, Hawaii).

    I am not including the hard drive because it has had sensitive information on it, and hard drives are cheap. I will guarantee the system working upon arrival.

    If you would like to contact me about this to ensure I am legit, e-mail [email protected] or call 573-426-2681. My ebay account is edc24b if you would like to see my feedback. If you are not interested, but might know someone who is, please forward this because I really want to finish my carPC project.
    2000 Ford Focus ZTS

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    Here are two pictures of the system I found on my computer:

    2000 Ford Focus ZTS

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