heres some spec of the machine

AMD k6-2-400mhz CPU
16mb SDRAM AGP graphic card
5.1 PCI sound card
192mb SDRAM pc-100
20gb harddrive
philips CDRW drive
pci 10/100 network card
2 USB port
250watt ATX power supply in mid-size case
come w/window ME with some software preloaded

its a very nice computer for your car PC project...nothing more you'll need
to make this machine run.

looking for $150shipped OBO

also, liliput 7.2 LCD screen, non VGA, non touchscreen
its not the best screen out there but its good enuff for watching
DVD or play TV games in the car...or serve as a 2nd screen
for your passenger.....comes with built in speakers
all nescessary cables,adaptors and mounting hardware
$80shipped OBO

celeron 633mhz with mother board
it has on board sound and video and network card
2USB..5 PCI and 1 AGP..i dont remember the model number
but its VIA something something....
it will support upto 1ghz CPU speed
and 3 512mb sdram
$45shipped OBO

thats it for now...I used to sell PC on yahoo auction
i've alot of left over 1month I am moving to a
smaller apartment...I am trying to sell everything
I have to make some extra cash for buying new furniture
and stuff...will only ship to USA ...and perfer PAYPAL
i am a vertifed user with alot of feedback