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Thread: install my stuff

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    install my stuff

    I'm handy with software and some hardware, however DO NOT posess the talent of being able to work with cars, and experience pleasure. It's misery for me, everything takes forever to do, breaks, and I never have the tools or know-how.

    I want to hire someone to run wires for me, from the trunk to the cab (control panel). Also power. Running video and audio wires.

    My custom system currently has two cameras, and lcd display in the driver's area.

    Looking for circuit-city or best buy people (or anyone) who has experience running wires and can take apart the inside and run everything with ease and speed - WITHOUT ruining the interior of my 1995 Nissan Maxima.

    Let me know if you are around my area (philadelphia, south-jersey, around camden, or camden-county harley davidson shop)

    and are willing to do the job for me, and what your rate would be. Thanks. Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one

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    You sir are in Luck...I'm in Philly and happen to own a 95 maxima that I work on. PM me if interested.

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