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Thread: Nice barebone system via Ebay

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    Nice barebone system via Ebay

    Not sure if anyone else has tried one of these barebone systems as I have been out of the loop for a while.

    Anyway I bought one of ebay and it's a very nice Epia M1000 system at a fair price - I paid $240. Just had to add a Toshiba 60GB laptop drive and a stick of DDR Ram (I installed 1GB but it only sees it as 512MB for some reason). It has a built in 12V power supply and there is just enough room for a second hard drive if you want to do some case mods. I use an external USB DVD rom.

    I bought the VCR console from Ebay for my Chevy Venture, ripped out the VCR inards and fitted the box into the VCR case and re-installed - put a piece of 1" plastic pipe from the A/C pipework to take chilled air to the entry vent of the CPU (I live in Vegas!)

    Works really well (until the Lilliput lead went short circuit today).

    I have no relationship with the vender - just wanted to pass on what I think is a pretty good deal for a Car PC.



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    Nice case, i like the size and the lack of a optical drive to keep it even smaller.
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