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Thread: Modded Xbox for sell (to help mp3car community)

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    I have a modded xbox, and it is probably one of the coolest items in my entertainment center, a great bridge between your network and your TV, but I just can't see it being a very efficient carputer. For one, can you run any navigation on it?

    That aside once you get all the equipment/adapters to attach usb devices and make it more "PC-like" your running the cost of a 733mhz pc anyway (which the xbox is essentially.)

    Not trying to rain on anyones parade, just saying do your research before jumping into this as a carputer.

    For home, theres no question, it's worth it.

    If anyone is in the DC area and needs help with modding, PM me.

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    I would agree - it wouldn't be very efficient as a carputer. It may be cool, but is it worth the hassle? How about just buying an empty shell and throwing your ITX in there? You could at least build it the way you want and add any peripherals with relative ease.

    You could even add emulators/ROM's of your old NES/SNES/Genesis/N64/Gameboy/GBA games and use an old Nintendo controller hooked up via USB. I guess I'm missing the whole point of playing XBOX games, but you are going to go through a lot of hassle if you want to convert the xbox to a carputer.

    Also, I'm in Los Angeles - if anyone wants help modding their xbox - shoot me a PM and I'll gladly help out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmythecow
    and if i send you my Xbox.... you charge??? for just moding the chip?
    u can buy a mod chip where it takes 1 step to plug it into the board.
    get a crossover cable to transfer files and ur set.

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    350 is a rip off. I modded about 5 xboxes in my day with Xecuter 2.3 and it's definitely not that expensive, unless you're using solderless chips in which case it will be a shoddy install. Modchip man is the way to go.
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    I was looking into this, but then realised there are just too many limitations. It only has 64mb ram, and navigator - gps (which apparently work on linux) needs 256mb ram as a minimum requirement.
    Most of the other stuff can be done if your really good with linux, and know how to setup a minmal linux os.

    As far as the modding side of it goes, a softmod can be done for little or no money and you can do a TSOP flash (hardware mod) on the xbox if you have a read through the guides on xbox-scene.

    Oh and i'm not sure it they do it in the US, but there is a scheme on xbox-linux called the xbox chocolate project, basically you look up someone in you area from the page, take your xbox and some chocolate to that person, and go home with a modded xbox. So how much is a chocolate bar in the US must be less than $75 right

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