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Thread: WTB: Morex 12V AC Adapter

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    WTB: Morex 12V AC Adapter

    Hi, i bought a Morex Car Kit and it works perfectly, but i'd like to be able to take the CarPC inside my house for setting up etc (my case will be removeable from the car)...

    So before i spend AUD$70 on getting one from a shop here, i thought i'd check if anyone has bought a Morex/Travla case which they have permanently mounted in their car; making the AC adapter useless... Or if anyone has a spare one lying around??

    I'm in Australia, so i'd need it to handle 240V/50Hz (most AC adapters can handle 110 and 240V), and shipping would need to be taken into account...


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    yep i got it all i got the Morex Ac power supply with adaptor.

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