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Thread: WTB: Laptop DVD drive or IDE adaptor

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    WTB: Laptop DVD drive or IDE adaptor

    Hey guys,

    Im after a laptop DVD drive that i can hook up to normal motherboards IDE port.
    Or if i can get an adaptor then i can buy the DVD drive myself of ebay.


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    i have a slim line DVD drive i can sell will still need an adapter...probably find one on this site or another much is the drive ur looking at on Ebay? We can negotiate a fair price for mine...

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    I have a sony vaio laptop dvd/cd-rw drive its amazing. in my computer as we speak offer me something fair and its perfect working condition and this will come with the adaptor....the adaptor was like $15. the shipping on ebay mess you win the bid at $.99 but the shipping is $13+ so they still got us lolz....

    Edit: came out of a grz610 model sony vaio 8x dvd, 24 cd-rw or something like that

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