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Thread: FS: Various CarPC Parts (7" TS Lilliput, OPUS etc.) ALL BRAND NEW

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    FS: Various CarPC Parts (7" TS Lilliput, OPUS etc.) ALL BRAND NEW

    I just bought a new vehicle, and the decided not to install the car PC in it. All these parts are brand new.

    7" Touch Screen Lilliput VGA - Brand new but I opened the housing to check installation options, it's now back together and still works perfectly. No wires have been cut either.
    SOLD - Thanks Jason

    Opus 90 Watt - Brand new, never installed, wires were never cut, purchased right here from mp3car store.
    SOLD - Thanks Chad

    CarPC - Brand new, this is a CarPC setup I bought from industrial_flower_factory on eBay. It has the EPIA 10k 1gz mainboard, 256mb ram, slot loading DVD/CD-RW combo, and a 60gb Hard Drive. If you want to see the case look at THIS auction (it's a black case). Notice they want $469 + shipping, which is for the same machine except with only a 20gb hard drive. DOES NOT COME WITH POWER SUPPLY (because I purchased the opus).
    SOLD - Thanks Chad

    Please keep in mind these prices are only good to items shipped in the continental (lower 48) United States. I am a verified Paypal business member and have a 98.6% positive feedback rating on eBay (check HERE ). If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hmm, I'm really interested in that Lilliput. Can you post some pics?
    Quick! To the Popemobile!

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    i just sent money for the lilliput

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